"Dear Bill, Your Art work is BEAUTIFUL. I love it. If I were to read you from your work, you have a gentle nature and is very disciplined to your focus. You have a sensitivity to the earth and the subtle atmospheres that earth shows us. You are sensitive to people. I love the poetry that you chose to explain your painting of roads. You are an amazing artist and I wish you all the best." Fawzia Lora Smith MD
"Looks like dark, soft, sensual, clouds of shadow and light." Marcia Crocker
"I am VERY impresed with your work. Immediately perceived the depth of your spiritual vision and not just physical one. Roads always take us beyond the horizon of our current understandings. Beautiful!" Lyuri Hardishek
"Wonderful comments! I would love to see your paintings in real time as a picture of them doesn't transmit the soul quality." Susan Eleftherakis
"Very nice! You can almost smell the air as your looking down the road." Elizabeth Wilson
"Somewhat surreal. Love the way you play the light and dark. I sense the softness of your images as if one is looking through a window out into the world. Roads maybe depicting always roaming, searching? Endless roads, curving, winding, gently moving with the flow of life? Maybe the after life? This is just what I feel. Love your work. You have definitely captured a unique style." Beth Greene
"On viewing your paintings, the words, peace, tranquility, serenity, bliss, healing and spiritual come to mind. I found myself drifting off and being lulled into a meditative state. They have a very powerfully calming effect on the spirit." Mitan Sidhu
"Lovely!" Joyce Torbert
"These are beautiful. They give a person a feeling of peace." Suzy
"Thank you for the beautiful, beautiful painting. It is magic. It's not really a painting, but more a lovely thought that stays there. Your painting brings a feeling of peace to our living room. I get lost everytime I look at it (good thing my LR is not big; I'd be in trouble;)" Mary Marzano
"I saw your exhibit at the Tarpon Springs arts and crafts festival and it was the only exhibit that stopped me in my tracks. Absolutely Beautiful and Captivating!!!" C. Ferrell
"I stopped at some random art festival sometime during this past year...and your paintings absolutely captivate heart pores out into's almost unexplainable...whenever I see your work I always know..and think to myself "that's a Bill beautiful :)" Katie
"I guess enchanting is the first word that comes to mind when viewing your beautiful paintings. Misty colors and shapes that transport you into a little dream world. I saw your work in Fairhope Alabama. It was by far the best exhibit. As soon as I pick out my favorites, you will be receiving an order. Thank you" Deborah Byrd McGreevy
"Saw your paintings at "Rockafeller Centre" on a trip to New York with my wife. Just thought I would let you know that I found your work to be exquisite and will try to collect some of your prints for our livingroom walls. My wife loves the work of "Alexander Miller" and now I have found my favourite artist in "Bill Turner"." Robert Linkston
"I saw your paintings at st.james art show two years ago and i still think about them. I'm a landscape designer and this is what I think paintings should be. My sister lives in Cartersville, Ga. and if I ever visit her I would love to visit your studio." Andrea Santos
"Thank you for capturing the window of my soul. You have expressed moments of the journey that I could not convey. Your work is an incredible gift to all of us. Thanks for taking the risk and living the life you were called to share. Looking forward to spending many more experiences through your insight." Donald Nixon
"Just wanted to say "great!" RT Jackson
"I started collecting your work in the late 80's at the Old Town Art Fair in Chicago. I now have 5 of your paintings and they hang in places where I can admire them every day. (I like to tell people that I collect 'Turner's')!

I hope that I still hold the distiction of being your 'largest collector'and have the great fortune of acquiring many more."
Roe Faraone
"Thank you for the painting that we purchased from you at the Gasparilla Art Fest in Tampa. I placed it in our kitchen/family/ eating area so that i am always looking at it. I just can't believe how I can see something different each time I look at it, especially at different times of the day when the lighting changes. The picture just comes to life. Thank you again its just wonderful." Susan Pavone
"I viewed your paintings last night at the One Of A Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. I love them. Am looking for something to go above my fireplace. But the paintings were priced a little too high for my budget. But then I entered your website to find there are other alternatives to your art more reasonably priced.

Are you planning to return to the midwest - Chicago any time next year? There are a couple photos on canvas I love but would need a larger size. Of the photos on canvas vs. canvas prints - which one appears closer to the orignal painting to the eye? I love how you could just sit back and feel yourself on the roads. Your paintings are great."
Joan B. Young
"I have just hung one of your photos on canvas on my wall that I purchased at Crate and Barrel. I love it , it is "Landscape". It is mezmerizing to look at. My husband and I went looking for art to hang on the wall of our new home here in Alpharetta, Georgia. I looked on the back and saw your name and decided to look you up on the internet. Photograpy is also a passion of mine. I would love to see some of your work, any galleries coming up soon in the area? you are very talented, Thank-you,." Susana Zafar
"Enjoyed seeing your website and your wonderful work. Very beautiful and inspirational. Your website is great and very user friendly. I'm looking forward to meeting you." Ann Heacker
"Bill, your work is so beautiful! Truly beautiful." Becky Coombs
"Dear Bill ~ Thank you so much for taking your time today and sharing yourself and your art with me. I was truly moved by all of your work. And what I wouldn't give to find myself on one of your roads....I hope to see you in Lancaster again next year! Take care~ " Mary
"Hi—Great guest book. I have to say that I agree with all the wonderful comments about your work. What a blessing to be able to have such an inspiring effect in others lives. I too met you at a show. It was a hot day with a helicopter that was as anoying as a mosquito on an attack mission and your paintings were the breath of fresh air. My purchase was from your miniature reproduction section. I do think I picked wisely though.

It was not till much later that I realized that my picture was actually very appropriate for me at this time as I am in the process of moving. It is only a couple of blocks but represents a great deal of changes which I have come to see my road picture can visually represent. The only thing that I would add that I did not see mentioned in you guest book is that it is not only your work that is inspiring, it's also you. You are a shining light that is reflected well through your work. Sooo keep on shining and Thanks."
Dianna Lee
"Mr Turner, I saw your work at Belle Chere in Asheville. I think these are lovely. I'm sure that folks have told you that they encourage introspection..." Laurie wilson
"As a fellow artist who loves photography and uses them to construct her own compositions for oil painting, your work strikes a deep chord in me, Bill. I saw your work in asheville this weekend and found myself totally pulled into the images, but without words with which to describe the emotions. The unsual part about this was that I LIKED not having words. I LIKED just being able to feel whatever it was. There's definitely something metaphorical and perhaps even alchemical going on, and I feel like we've explored the same things through complementary images----my work is from photographs of people (sometimes with places in the background, sometimes not). My images are stylized, simplified and (hopefully) also allegorical.

I've always wanted to be able to paint outdoor images, but get so sucked into the details, I can't see the forest for the trees and so went to oversimplifying parts of peoples' faces. Anyway, thanks for your contribution to the now-rare capability we have as humans to FEEL without overanalyzation, while not losing ANY of the awareness."
Paula Sarut
"Will you be at the next Main Street Artfest in Ft. Worth next year? I have two of your paintings and have found a place for another." Kathi Roark
"Bill, Thank you for capturing the window of my soul. You have expressed moments of the journey that I could not convey. Your work is an incredible gift to all of us. Thanks for taking the risk and living the life you were called to share. Looking forward to spending many more experiences through your insight." Donald Nixon
"Dear Mr. Turner, I just saw your paintings for the first time this weekend at the Boston Mills Artfest. I think they are just magnificent and the colors just draw you into the paintings. Your work was my favorite of the whole show. Thank you." Rosemarie Hrdlicka
"Very well done, Bill. Nice to be able to view upon desire." Elizabeth Pharr
"Where is your gallery in Georgia? I am a great fan of your work." Lambert Laperouse
"Hello Bill: My first impression was "roads" how unusual, but then I said yes...there is something here...something intangible sparked by the images of roads...If I wasn't so broke I would buy one...Perhaps I will see you in the grove..." Galileo Sab
"I really love your style. Your paintings inspire me. I live in New York City and I'm wondering when your next exhibit will be. Thank you for the art." Jason Wagner
"Bill saw some of your works on sale at a Futon Store in the Little Five Points part of Atlanta Georgia and immediately fell in love with your work!" Salvatore Ferrara
"Bill, As I wrote prior, I saw you in 1980 in NYC. I have about five of your paintings on photo. Have you done any exhibitions recently that I can see a catalogue? I like your road views. It is a subject I particularly enjoy. I can vividly recall a road in Durham after a rain after almost 20 years. Delighted that you stayed in the photography and art field, I only looked you up on the internet this week and like your site quite a bit. However, I would like to view some of your earlier workds. Where can I see them?" Bill Herzig
"Hey friend. I haven't seen you in years. I hope to see you at the reunion in Bremen. I'm a former Disney Imagineer who has made a good life as an artist also. Glad to see you kept up on your talent." Barry (Keith) Snyder
"Saw one of your paintings in the latest art and artifact catalogue and went looking for more. We love your work...maybe because trees, roadtrips and fantasy are some of our favorite things in life. Let us know when you are coming to Florida again." Tim and Sarah Gosney
"Wonderful paintings." Roy E. Turman
"I love your work!" Tara Walker
"My first time seeing your work was at the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta. I'm already saving up to purchase one of your originals. Your work is breathtaking!" Dana Love
"Hello Mr Turner. Will you be back to Cleveland anytime soon? I met you at the Cain Park Art Festival and your work is just great. Hope to see you in Cleveland soon." Kathy Jones
"Saw your work in Charlotte Springfest, I think, a couple of years ago. Was impressed then, and happy now to see your work in NY at Crate and Barrel. Keep up the good work. Enjoy." Scott l. Bowen
"I look at residential appraisals all day as part of my job and there is often a photograph of the property's street scene. Often these street scenes are rural and are just a road curving off into trees. When I am flipping through the appraisals and one of those scenes catches my is a sort of emotional effect. Anyway, I was thinking I could look at a painting like that all day, then I remember seeing something similar at an art festival in Atlanta...I went to Google and typed "Paintings with roads" and your website popped up first and your images are the ones I remember from the art festival. I haven't finished looking at your sight so I will return to it now but wanted to share my route here with you for some reason." Darcy Flowers
"Robert Frost said it in his poem " The Road Untraveled ". I have traveled many roads and hope to travel many more. Always wondering about the road untraveled. The day will come when I will no longer be able to travel, but the road will not end. I will always be able to lie in bed and view Artist Turners creation of the spirit of the road, and through his wonderful creation, my desire for travel, adventure and discovery will always live on, and my soul will continue to wonder about the road untraveled." James& Lilian Russo
"I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Ft. Worth Main Street Fesival in May of this year. Your Mountain 1 painting was an emotional painting for me - absolutly beautiful! I have a specific spot in mind and will be in touch soon with measurements - we are having our home built and are not quite ready to purchase but I'll let you know! Again - it was a pleasure meeting you (I don't expect you to remember me:) - but I love your work!" Paige Funston
"We recently purchased one of your prints on canvas at a local frame shop in Manhattan. Your work is truly fabulous and I hope that we will continue collecting (hopefully moving to originals soon). Please add me to your mailing list." Melissa Bartlett
"Wow I love this style, great stuff." Patrou
"I bought a small print from you-the one that you have at the top of your web page. It was more powerful than the others. Much stranger. Only recently have I figured it out. Trees don't usually grow in that shape. The trees on the right may be superimposed to give that outline. But then I saw a short little tree with that same kind of crooked bend in the mountains around Salt Lake. Only one. When I saw it, I realized I'd been looking for it. That picture has been my comfort in sorrow. Please let us know when you have new works." Nell Christopher
"Dear Mr. Turner: My daughter showed me a painting of yours in a store in Chicago and told me how much she liked it. This past week she comissioned one from you. She sent me the website today. I think she will be very pleased with her choice and I thought you work was really lovely." Sheila M. Mutchler
"Hi Bill, I bought a print at old town and love it...Thanks again." Bill Simos
"Wonderful! I enjoyed traveling down your roads. Thanks for the comfort." Sharon Barksdale-Worth
"I saw my first Turner in my brother's collection, and since I live out in the country with the rolling, misty morning hills, I could identify with the scenery. Your work is so homey to me! I am now a collector. Keep 'em coming!" Leslie Ratliff, Zebulon
"Love your work!!! More! More!" Kathi Roark
"Your images are actually a part of my life.....I feel like your roads are my roads..." Linda Torossian
"Hey. was good to see you again at Bluff Park. I never tire of seeing your work. makes me pensive." Melanie
"I have just placed an order for print #4. Your work is beautiful. I had kept your business card from a show three years ago in Florida. I am very interested in painting #5. Would you please mail a photo of the piece and any others which may not be on your web page. I look forward to hearing from you." Cheryl Coleman
"Viewed your work at the Plaza Arts Fair last weekend and enjoyed it tremendously. Very drawn to the curve in the road. Very peaceful, yet provacative for me. Thanks!" Gary Ryel
"I bought a small painting of yours at the Gold Coast Art Fair in Chicago. You were finishing some minor brush strokes on a canvas and asked me if it was good - it was perfect. I was a petite Hispanic woman with my blonde girlfriend. Wish I could have bought a bigger painting but I didn't think I would be buying anything. Love your style of painting since it reminds me of my ride to work along farm roads near a bigger city. The shadows in the early morning and at dusk give everything such a magical look and the colors you depict are just right. The very best!" Evelyn Santiago
"I bought one of your prints at Centerfest in Durham, NC. I like it very much and have emailed you about how to frame it." Harriet Hooper
"Just wanted to say that your images are powerful and engaging. Beautiful and thought provoking work." Joseph McMillian
"Your paintings are very nice." Janet Conte
"Thank you. we really like our two new paintings. we hope to be in touch in the near future." Heidi & Vance Lyon
"I'm a big fan. Saw your work at the St.Louis Art Fair for the second year in a row now - my favorite both times. I'm thinking of putting away some money every month so I can by one of your paintings in the future. Your style would be well suited to painting rain or fog, perhaps over a lake; have you done something like this before? Your "sunset" picture with the silhouetted trees was particulalry enjoyable. Your work inspires me to take up painting on my own." Rick Hunter
"I met you at Old Town Art Fair last year and purchased a painting that I really enjoy. Your work is beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing you at the fair this week-end." Penny Friedman
"Just bought a painting today at the Old Town show and am admiring it already. I was the guy who asked you to change frames for me. The painting hangs on what is called my "Tree Wall" which includes some 20 other photos and paintings that invovle both trees and pathways. Thank you for capturing such inviting imagery.+" Kris Larsen
"Hi Bill, I am enjoying my painting so very much. A peaceful feeling washes over me each time I look at it. I am looking forward to my new one also!" Darlene Owens
"I met you at the ArtFest in Dallas and said I was starting a savings account to buy a painting. I love your work! My parents live in Pensacola, and I told them about your upcoming show there. I hope they get to see you. I have bookmarked your webpage, and will look for you next Texas show!" Gina Ortegon
"I saw your exhibit on 8/20/99 at 225 N. Michigan and fell in love. There was one special painting that made me feel like I had been there long ago as child traveling on vacation with my parents. I hope to be able to purchase one of your works of art in the future." Vivian C. Ramos
"Have enjoyed your work for several years. Will we see you again in South Florida this winter?" Greg Masin
>"We met briefly at Artscape in Woodruff Park in Atlanta and you said that your paintings would soon be available as prints through your website. Please keep me informed. Thank you so much, your paintings really touch me." Cristina Stanfill
"I would be very interested in purchasing a limited edition print of your lovely work. Someone commented in your guestbook that some might be available through your web site soon. Please let me know what the status is on that when you get a chance. I would love to be able to purchase an original in the next couple of years but I also would enjoy having something to enjoy now. They are beautiful." Danielle LaCharite
"I saw your exhibit in Greenville last spring at their outdoor art festival and was completely taken by your paintings. I was cleaning my "junk" drawer today and came across your card. Please let me know if you are planning to attend Greenville's festival or others near by. I will be purchasing one of your pictures at some point. Thanks for your talent!" Heidi Kurtz
"Bill, Your pictures look very beautiful on the website and I'm just disappointed that I can't come and see them for real as I live in the UK." Robyn Fowler
"My wife and I were most impressed by your work displayed at ArtFest at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas last summer. This is my first visit to your website and I now understand my reaction to your paintings -- I was a professional photographer for 15 years, and my avocation was (and still is) photographing landscapes. In any event, I am interested in purchasing one of your paintings as a gift for my wife, who was equally impressed by your imagery and style. If you are going to have any exhibitions in Dallas this year, please let me know. Thanks" Boyce Graham
"I bought one of your paintings last weekend at the Gasparilla Art Fair. I was drawn to the paintings because I am at a point in my life where I am making changes and looking down that road. I love my purchase. when I got home (after clutching my painting to my chest and scowling at potential muggers) I remembered one of my favorite poems; somehow it made my purchase come full-circle "the road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the road has gone, and I must follow, if I can, pursuing it with eager feet until it joins some larger way, where many paths and errands meet. and whither then? I cannot say. "Thank you" Jenny Zemo
"My wife and I saw your work at the Main Street Arts Festival in Ft. Worth, TX. We love it. I am passing on your website info to everyone who I think might be interested. Hope to own one of your beautiful paintings one day." Stephen Coldiron
"Nice work!" City Art Gallery (Peg)
"I visited your booth at the Old Town Art Fair in Chicago last weekend - great stuff" Alec di Mauro